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Welcome to the largest and most successful business referral networking organisation in the world.

BNI’s proven business networking platform provides the right environment, training and support to help build trusted relationships that generate referrals and business growth.

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The Foundation for Growth is Networking

In a global study, over 90% of business leaders agreed that networking played a role in their success.* Networking has proven to be one of the one of the most effective ways to generate referrals and revenue growth.

Why you should join a BNI Chapter

1. Expand Your Professional Business Network

BNI groups are designed to help members expand their professional business networking activities. Each group has only one member per professional category, so you won’t be competing with other members in the same industry. By attending weekly meetings, you’ll have the chance to connect with like-minded individuals who are interested in growing their businesses and advancing their careers.

2. Gain Referrals and Leads

BNI has a strong, structured referral system in place. Members are encouraged to refer business to each other, which can lead to new clients, customers, or partners. By attending weekly meetings and building relationships with other members, you’ll increase your chances of receiving referrals and leads.

3. Discover the Secret to Successful Local Area Marketing

Joining BNI is an excellent way to enhance your Local Area Marketing (LAM). There is simply no better way to build a strong, local referral program for your business than through networking in organised contact groups like BNI. Some of Australia’s most successful businesses and Franchisees have discovered that the secret to Local Area 计算现场开号结果记录号码飞艇 统计体彩结果直播飞艇网址 168赛车记录结果体彩票号码 is their BNI group and the networking opportunities it presents.

4. Gain Confidence in Your Networking Skills

Business Networking can be intimidating, especially if you have little experience. By attending weekly BNI meetings and business networking events, you’ll have the chance to practice your networking skills in a supportive environment. You’ll gain confidence in your ability to approach new people, strike up a conversation, and make a good impression.

5. Increase Your Visibility

By attending weekly BNI business networking events and building relationships with other members, you’ll increase your visibility within your industry. As you become more well-known and respected within your community, you’ll be more likely to receive referrals and leads.

6. Develop Stronger Relationships

BNI groups meet weekly, which gives members the chance to build stronger relationships over time. By attending these meetings consistently, you’ll have the chance to get to know other members on a deeper level. This can lead to valuable partnerships or collaborations down the road.

Click above to get invited to one of our events in a local area near you. This can also be achieved by by selecting your region below.


6,500 +


300K +

Member Referrals

250 +


$ 500M +

Referral Value p.a


Click above to get invited to one of our events in a local area near you. This can also be achieved by by selecting your region below.

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BNI Australia is proud to announce that Members generated 300K + Referrals in the past 12 months, representing $500,000,000 in closed business.



BNI ranked in the Top 3 of Forbes “6 Essential Local Small Business Associations To Whom You Should Belong”


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