BNI was established in 1985 and began franchising in 1996. In Australia since 1997, BNI is strongly established in all major markets in Australia. BNI regions do come up for sale from time to time. For more information please contact the National Director and Master Franchisor
Mr. Frederick Marcoux at

BNI has a proven track record as a franchise model in Australia, and it is a business model able to grow in any economic environment.

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Why The BNI Franchise Is Different

The opportunity to participate in helping businesses of all different kinds and sizes grow and prosper

Participation in the creation of a collaborative and positive community of business people helping each other.

Positive Cash flow, where customers pay you upfront, rather than on credit.

Access to an international network of people ready, willing and able to help you.

A proven system that works.

Minimal ongoing costs, with no need for expensive premises, large staff, advertising or stock.

Franchises are often either low cost/high risk or are high cost/low risk.  Low cost/high risk franchises have a low capital investment but the product is unproven or the franchise is new. With high cost/low risk franchises the opposite is true; they have a requirement for a large capital investment but the product is proven. Many of the well-known fast-food chains fit into this category.

BNI offers a low cost/low risk proposition – in essence, the best of both worlds.  As a BNI franchisee you can “try before you buy”.  This means you can spend up to 18 months running the franchise, during which time you are creating revenue for yourself before committing to buy the franchise. This requires a small investment of less than 20{d913936cc75ebfc9bc813519f9f5a38a0ff1c4bc612c30c073ee77fc5ffbb328} of the total franchise fee. You will therefore have time to see how the business works, its potential and if it is right for you.


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