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Neymar Jr. Steps into History with PUMA’s FUTURE INJR Cleats

Neymar Brazil Top Scorer Soccer Cleats

There’s no debating that Neymar Jr. is in an elite class of footballers. This past weekend, he further etched his name into the annals of football history. As Brazil took on Bolivia in a pulsating World Cup qualifier in the vibrant Amazon city of Belém, all eyes were on Neymar. With two stellar goals, he surpassed the legendary Pele, setting a new record as Brazil’s all-time leading scorer. His count now stands at 79 goals in 125 international appearances, eclipsing Pele’s impressive tally of 77 goals between 1957 and 1971.

Yet, this wasn’t just a match of records. The Al Hilal forward stepped onto the pitch with a pair of cleats that held a story deeper than just the game. PUMA, in collaboration with the Instituto Neymar Jr., has launched a collection that is as much about heart as it is about football. The Instituto, a community center founded by Neymar Jr. himself, has been a beacon for underprivileged youth in his childhood neighborhood of Praia Grande, near Santos.

The Puma Neymar Instituto Pack is available at SOCCER.com.

Football Instituto Neymar Future NJR

Neymar Puma FUTURE Ultimate INJR

What makes this collection truly special is its genesis. For this edition, PUMA handed the creative baton to children from the Instituto. They were tasked with capturing the essence of what ‘Neymar means to them.’ The culmination? A pair of FUTURE INJR football boots adorned with graphics inspired by Neymar Jr. The sketches, drawings, and raw, unfiltered admiration of these children translated into the final design of the boot. To further etch their contribution, the young artists’ names grace the insoles of the boots and the back neck of the collection’s t-shirt. From drawing board to global stage, the journey spanned about 18 months.

Neymar Jr., speaking on this unique collaboration, shared, “The Instituto is my heart’s project. From its inception in 2014, we’ve touched lives, offering sports, education, and healthcare. It’s a sanctuary for these kids, a space of growth, learning, and dreams. To co-create a collection with them? It’s more than just design; it’s their dreams, hopes, and admiration reflecting on me. When I wear these boots, I wear their aspirations.”

The FUTURE INJR football boot isn’t just a symbol; it’s a marvel of design. Crafted with an adaptive FUZIONFIT360 upper, it boasts a blend of dual mesh, stretchy knit, and PWRTAPE, ensuring an impeccable fit. Designed to be worn with or without laces, its 3D textures, optimized for ball grip and control, make it a pitch favorite. Its dual-density Dynamic Motion System outsole ensures players get the stability, agility, and traction they need. In line with sustainability, at least 20% of the boot’s materials are recycled.

In the world of football, where goals and records often grab headlines, Neymar Jr. reminds us of the profound impact one can have off the pitch. As he dons the FUTURE INJR boots, he doesn’t just wear a piece of footwear; he wears the dreams, aspirations, and hopes of countless children. In that, Neymar doesn’t just score; he wins hearts.

Find the Puma Neymar Instituto Pack available at SOCCER.com.

Neymar Puma FUTURE Ultimate Footbal Institute

Neymar Puma FUTURE Ultimate Footbal Institute Soccer Cleats

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