Tuesday , October 3 2023

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Vinícius Jr – The Next Big Thing in Soccer Cleats?

Vinícius Jr The Next Big Thing in Soccer Cleats

Brazilian forward, Vinícius Jr, was again subjected to persistent racist abuse during Real Madrid’s 1-0 defeat to Valencia over the weekend. The fact this is happening in 2023, and the fact La Liga hasn’t found a way to stop it, is absolutely vile and disgusting. Racism has no place in …

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A Shakespearean-style Guide To Choosing Soccer Cleats

Shakespearean Guide to Soccer Cleats

To whomsoever it may concern, Hark! Pray lend me thine ear, forsooth, as I spin a tale of a wondrous pursuit: the noble game of soccer! But mark my words, fair reader, for the essence of this missive lies not in the game itself, but rather in the instrument of …

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Sergio Ramos Morelia Neo III Beta SR4 Released in US

Sergio Ramos Morelia Neo III Beta SR4 Released in US

We were not sure if or when it would happen, but the highly anticipated second edition Sergio Ramos Mizuno Morelia Neo III Beta “SR4” are now available in the US. This version is inspired by the most iconic buildings of Sevilla, Madrid and Paris, the cities that have marked his …

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New Balance Furon V7 “Grey Day” Boots Released

New Balance Furon v7 Grey Day

New Balance are teasing an upcoming colorway in the Furon V7 series, a release that celebration of the iconic New Balance Grey. Set to arrive for the Grey Day ‘23 Collection on May 12th – the brand’s self-made celebration day for neutral colors – they feature an extremely unique double …

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The Exclusive Trent Alexander-Arnold 66 Collection

Trent Alexander-Arnold Under Armour 66 Collection

Fresh on the heals of securing a new $2million a year plus bonuses deal with Under Armour, Trent Alexander-Arnold has been introducing boots in his new and exclusive Trent Alexander-Arnold 66 Collection. There are 5 Under Armour Clone Magnetic Pro 2 boots released in the collection – we have seen …

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PUMA KING Pursuit – Big Game Boots For Big Game Ballers!

Puma KING Pursuit Released

Introducing the new KING football boots designed specifically for the crucial final stages of the season where every move can make a difference between triumph and defeat. The latest PUMA KING technology is combined with a striking new colorway to empower players to conquer any challenge and sprint past the …

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Charly Encore RL Released – Made In Mexico

Charly Encore FG feature soccer cleats

Mexican brand Charly are back with another finely crafted soccer cleat design: the Charly Encore RL, which stands for Recycled Leather. This is actually the brands first soccer cleat made in Mexico from 100% Mexican leather, sourced from Cotexa Ecologia, a supplier of recycled leather in Guanajuato. There are two …

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